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Building self-funded programs can get complicated, quickly. Between balancing multiple vendor contracts, organizing the implementation process, and ongoing program management, it can be difficult to say the least.

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Backed by decades of industry experience, our program builder alleviates any confusion around building self-funded programs or shopping for stop-loss. Driven by analytics and modern technology, we guide you step-by-step through our platform to help build benefit programs faster and with less stress. Our service team is available to help you implement your programs and manage them on an ongoing basis.

What Our Program Builder Can Do

Novo Connection has taken the guesswork out of building self-funded programs. With tried-and-true benefit components, there’s no more wasting time researching and vetting vendors, TPAs, PBMs, and other solutions to see if they can integrate with one another.

We start with data ingestion. This offers visibility into each client's claims, however high or low, and ensures the best underwriting quote possible. Our program also uses this data to recommend the best benefit solutions to each group and its unique needs.

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Since Novo Connection is independent and transparent, we do not favor any particular vendor. Although we have a group of highly vetted vendors with aggregate pricing, you still have the choice of working with any of your preferred vendors.

With a multiple vendor ecosystem, our program can forecast different outcomes, or models. Once recommendations have been made, you have the power to add or remove different program components.

Our program builder includes access to our world-class stop-loss shopping capabilities. With dozens of stop-loss vendors to choose from and Novo’s aggregate pricing agreements, competitive quoting can be done faster than ever.

Novo Connection doesn’t stop at our software. Once you land on a program that best fits your group's needs, our in-house implementation team is available to help. Orchestrating all moving parts - from managing multiple vendor contracts to educating members for a seamless transition to their new program.

Novo Connection was built with every user in-mind, making for easy program building, and happy members across the board.
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Key Features
  • User-friendly platform

  • Data ingestion to ensure you get the best underwriting possible for your group

  • Completely independent and transparent

  • Highly vetted vendors with the ability to work with your preferred vendors

  • Ability to add TPAs, PBMs, Point Solutions, and other program components

  • Forecast and model different program options

  • Shop dozens of stop-loss vendors in seconds

  • Discounted rates through aggregate vendor pricing

  • Optional professional services for implementation and ongoing program management

Interface of our Program Builder
Pharmacy Recommendations
Stop Loss
Matching Current Plans
Request for Proposal
Provider Access
Start building a program that works for you and your clients.
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