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Stand Out

We help you stand out from the crowd and keep you tapped into the latest and greatest solutions.

Vetted Vendors

Every one of our vendors goes through a comprehensive vetting process that includes site visits and intensive interviews with subject matter experts.

Why work with us?

With decades of joint experience, Novo Connection has brought together industry experts that have a drive for innovation. We built our platform to offer accessible and innovative solutions for brokers. We strip away the complexity of shopping for stop-loss and building self-funded programs. Easily build self-funded programs, get competitive stop-loss quotes, and deliver cost-saving solutions to your clients with Novo Connection.


Here to Support You

Our Professional Services Team (Novo Benefits) becomes your back office to offer support when you need it. You’re in control of how much you utilize our team for anything from implementation to ongoing service strategies. Our team is here to support you. 

Why Novo Connection?

Health insurance in the United States has become unaffordable and confusing for most consumers and business owners. Self-funded insurance allows businesses a way to control the rising trends of traditional, fully insured health models. Unfortunately, the current fragmented self-funded market makes it confusing and nearly impossible for employers and brokers to build effective self-funded programs that deliver true validated savings and results. 


The current marketplace for unbundled self-funded solutions manifests a multitude of problems and challenges for brokers and their clients, including: 


  • Complexity of self-funding which is difficult for brokers and their customers to navigate 

  • Too many unvetted, ineffective solutions which are difficult to confirm from an efficacy and cost savings standpoint 

  • A lack of understanding how to implement and promote usage of custom health plans 

  • A lack of transparency and misaligned financial incentives 

Additionally, successful self-funded programs require sufficient stop loss insurance to offset risk. The stop loss insurance market has its own unique set of problems and challenges, including the following: 


  • Data needed for the underwriting process is not provided on time; if at all

  • Limited data is available to stop loss insurance carriers needed to ease proper risk assessment and thereby produce the most competitive price quotes possible 

  • Wasted time for back in forth communication between brokers and carriers

  • Inflated quotes from insurance carriers due to lack of competition

  • High-level of lasers. 

  • Leaving employers vulnerable because of a lack of compliance with transparency laws industry wide

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Our Solution 

Novo Connection addresses all these issues with the current fragmented system to make shopping for cost-saving self-funded plans easy and comprehensive. The Novo Connection online marketplace eases the efficient procurement of competitive stop loss insurance, builds and models self-funded plans in less time, is backed by a team of self-funded experts, and integrates with vetted point solutions including: 

  • Network and provider access

  • Administrative solutions

  • Ancillary lines 

  • Other vendors solutions 

  • Technology solutions

  • Comprehensive stop loss insurance

  • Laser mitigation strategies

Novo Connection’s proprietary technology uses data optimization and other analytical methods to recommend optimal, customized combination of cost-effective and validated health benefits solutions for a given group’s employee/dependent population. By leveraging our methodology and using our technology effectively, we deliver validated cost-saving solutions and superior stop-loss results. Fees, costs, and other behind-the-scenes solution provider arrangements are completely transparent to the broker and the broker’s customers.


The leap from choosing the right plan to implementing it can feel intimidating. From setting up contracts with different vendors to educating employees on their new plan, our in-house implementation team does all the heavy lifting for you. Novo Connection has more than a decade of experience implementing complex, self-funded programs, and supplying superb customer support for brokers and their customers - making the switch seamless.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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