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Welcome to a new era of stop-loss shopping for self-funded plans.

Novo Connection makes sense of your data and drives better decision making. Our platform not only uncovers trends and opportunities but also gives you access to dozens of stop-loss vendors, making stop-loss shopping just a few clicks away. Our software experts will work alongside you to make sure you’re getting the best program builds, in less time.


What exactly is
Novo Connection?

Novo Connection is a quoting & modeling platform for self-funded health plans. We are not a TPA, Stop-Loss, or point solution vendor. However, we do work with TPAs, Stop Loss, and program component vendors to offer comprehensive, custom-built programs for self-funded groups.

health insurance
How much does
it cost?

Novo Connection offers a simple, flat, transparent PEPM fee. We also offer flexible options for enterprise clients and other options available based on needs. There's no fee to sign up and begin using the Novo Connection platform.

Save money on stop-loss insurance
Who is Novo Connection made for?

Novo Connection was created to help brokers create custom self-funded plans in minutes, not days. By having access to a comprehensive list of fully vetted vendors, you are able to pick and choose program components in real-time and get quotes almost instantly.

Save money on self-funded plans
How do I
get started?

Reach out to us at,  use the contact form here, or schedule a demo here. We'll get you scheduled for a demo, answer any questions you might have, and set up your account.

customized benefit plans

"We are in awe of your ability to catch fine details in contracts when nobody else could"

VP of HR

"Novo Connection has implementation down to a science. They present to us in bite sized pieces so we're not overwhelmed and follow up regularly"

HR Manager

"Jan has saved our bacon on many occasions with her real-time compliance updates"

County Clerk

How did Novo Connection start?

Learn how Novo Connection came to be!


The Team

At Novo Connection, we are committed to bringing you the best self-funded employee benefit plan available. That commitment begins with our team. Our expert guidance and years of experience deliver world-class health benefits that will change the way you think about health insurance. Every member of our team is empowered to put our client’s first and think outside of the box to provide creative solutions that better fit your needs.

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