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View Our Bulletproof Benefits Webinar Series on Fiduciary Responsibility


Are you confident that your organization is protected from participant lawsuits with legislation placing fiduciary responsibility on plan sponsors? Novo Connection has teamed with Berger Montague to show you how transparent data and intelligent recommendations can help you make better decisions and what you can do to protect your organization for lawsuits from employees.


Part 1: The J & J Lawsuit

This webinar covers a recently filed lawsuit that focuses on ERISA fiduciary obligations of employers in their role as group health plan sponsors, particularly the “duty of prudence” in selecting and monitoring health plan vendors.


Part 2:  The BCBS of Minnesota Lawsuit

BCBS of Minnesota acted as a fiduciary of the plans and violated ERISA's fiduciary standards and prohibited transaction rules by serving its own interests over those of the plans. Learn what they could have done to prevented the lawsuit.


Part 3:  Compliance Leads to Controlling Costs

In our last installment of Novo Connection and Berger Montague's three-part series, we discuss the importance of compliance and how it leads to controlling costs. 

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