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Digitally constructed shelf

Self-insured Quoting
& Stop-loss Made Easy

Novo Connection uses data to drive better decisions for brokers and their clients. 

Stop-loss quotes

Why Choose
Novo Connection?

Simplified Quoting
& Modeling

The Novo platform provides an easy way for advisors to model various self-funding strategies, understand a group's risk, customize plan designs and plan components, and secure competitive stop-loss coverage to match plan designs. 

Vetted Vendors

We take the guesswork out of shopping for program components. All of our vendors have been fully-vetted by a team of industry experts to ensure that you are getting the best quality and service possible.

Instant Savings

You're not only saving time by using Novo Connection, but you'll also be saving
real dollars! Our pre-negotiated vendor rates can offer substantial savings on everything from stop-loss to customized program point solutions.

Introducing Novo Connection
Self Funding 101 - Novo Benefits
What is Novo Connection
Self-funded benefit plan builder
Stop-Loss Powered by Smart Technology
Applying smart technology to every facet of the healthcare industry

We partner directly with stop-loss carriers and provide detailed reporting through our proprietary secure platform. 

Novo Connection Overview

View a short overview of the Novo Connection platform

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