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Everything we do starts with analytics that helps brokers bring the best solutions to their clients. Novo Connection offers revolutionary, proprietary analytics that bring real savings right to your fingertips. Putting pharmacy and stop-loss data to work for you and your participants. 

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Rx Analytics
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Medical Analytics
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Stop-loss Analytics

Rx Solutions

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Bringing Transparency & Accountability to Prescription Benefits

Novo Connection is committed to serving as prescription benefit sentinels. Our dedication to transparency allows us to address many of the disparities associated with pharmacy benefits, while fostering trust, and empowering the communities we serve. We are creating a healthy, sustainable future for plan sponsors while improving the member experience. Our program advances the health of employees, provides protection from inflated prescription costs, safeguards the budgets of employer group plans, and ensures the best benefits are available to all.

Making Prescription Drugs Affordable

Despite repeated efforts to increase equity in the US healthcare system, many Americans are still victimized by exorbitant prescription costs. Skyrocketing drug prices are a threat to everyone. Employer groups and employees are feeling the pinch to budgets; while patients with higher pharmacy costs are 3x more likely to abandon fills at the pharmacy - decreasing healthy outcomes and increasing chronic disease states. Novo Connection was created to address the unsustainable cost of prescription drugs so prescriptions can be affordable for all.

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Critical Rx plan insights and opportunity for contract negotiations and cost savings.

Expert Rx guidance and savings for members and employers.

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Get scripts right the first time and save money through genetic testing.

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Instant access to pre-negotiated, competitive pass-through PBM contracts.


Rx Analytics

Take control of your prescription benefit plan. Get visibility into your pharmacy claims and discover valuable insights to drive substantial savings. Our comprehensive Prescription Benefit Analytics tool provides full transparency into the PBM world. Now you can make educated decision about your Prescription benefit program and feel confident in the results.

  • Gain visibility into plan spend at the pharmacy, physician, participant, and individual claim level.

  • Pinpoint key pricing discrepancies and identify and implement solutions that most impact plan spend.

  • Choose and manage programs with our intuitive dashboard.

  • Our powerful analytics combine with program monitoring to hold PBM’s accountable and provide dynamic contract suggestions as needed.

  • Identify opportunities for contract negotiations


Plan Repricing

Dynamically compare contract rates and plan designs to find the right fit for your plan and members.


Claims Management

Actively engage with your claims data through interactive charts and detailed drill-downs that show exactly where your money is going.


Actionable Insights

Sort and filter your data any way you choose in real time, and identify pain points unique to your claims data, such as new high-dollar claims which could affect budget planning or low patient adherence which could lead to adverse health events.

Prescription Care Coordination

Novo Connection delivers savings and guides members in making difficult prescription decisions. No matter who your Prescription Benefit Manager is, our revolutionary pharmacy care coordination program works to deliver validated savings and gives members the assistance they need to successfully navigate the system.

This proprietary program will analyze your unique data and deliver detailed plans for immediate savings and sustained prescription utilization into the future.

A team of clinical experts review each plan’s unique utilization. We work with providers to identify generic and brand name alternatives with a focus on efficacy and clinical effectiveness. A decision to change prescriptions is finalized only when the patient’s own doctor has been conferred with and the both the patient and doctor agree.

Novo Connection believes that education is the first step towards empowerment, which is why patients and doctors are aware of what decisions are being taken regarding their drugs and why. Our commitment to superior service means you get validated results with a white glove experience emphasizing quality of care.

  • Prescription Care Coordinators are passionate about getting results for you and your members

  • The program can be implemented anytime throughout the year and causes little to no member disruption

  • Our proprietary system provides a highly customized program that identifies unique cost-savings opportunities for each client

  • The turnkey NavRx program enhances existing pharmacy plans and doesn't interfere with current benefit packages

  • Our Pharmacy Engagement Team builds strong relationships with physicians and their staff to cut through the red tape for you


Program Benefits

We are your PBM sentinels. Always keeping a watchful eye on trends to help reign in Rx related costs.

Proven Savings

We are here to help employer groups control outrageous prescription benefit spending. Every solution we offer has been vetted to offer significant savings to our customers. A school district with 4,500 employees has been able to save over $4.1 Million using the programs offered by NavRx. This translates to a 579% return on their initial investment. Where else in the industry can you find savings like that?

  • Minimum Impact to Employees and HR Teams

  • Significant Cost Savings and ROI Potential

  • Ongoing Analysis of Spending Trends

  • Pick and Choose Programs to Implement

  • Experts Available to Assist You

Ongoing Support

As a Novo Connection customer, you will have experts who can help you with everything from implementation and analysis to marketing and educational materials to help your employees get up to speed with our cost-saving programs. We work hard to become your trusted partners and advisors to help you realize incredible savings potential.

Percent ROI


579% ROI experienced by one group.

Percent Savings


Save up to 70% on high-cost prescription drugs by utilizing our Rx Tourism program.

$4M Total Saved


By a school district with 4,557 employees.

Days a week


Support available 7 days a week.


Medical Solutions

medical solutions info

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